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Feel like pulling your hair out over difficulties with your computer?
Ever wonder why on earth "they" have to change MS Office so much?
What on earth is an operating system, and why should I care?


The important thing, I think, is to not get stuck and concerned about the vocabulary. Whether you are using a Macintosh, or a windows based computer, using El Capitan, Vista, or XP, or Windows 10, they're all essentially doing the same thing: running your software. It really shouldn't matter to you what type of operating system you are using, it should only matter that the software you use works well for you.

Typically, when your software begins to give you problems is when you start looking for help. Maybe your word processor takes too long to open, or maybe your Internet browser just does not start or connect to your favorite pages as fast as it used to, or maybe not at all!

When this starts to happen, there are many, many various reasons that can be at the root of the problem. Perhaps you recently installed a new application, maybe a web cam, for example, and in the process of installing this application, you agreed to a tool bar in your Internet explorer. Perhaps some of your kids got a virus, trojan or nasty Browser Helper Object.


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