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  Fast results in your home or office.
I'll come to you and fix it where you are.
Your data stays put, so do you!
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Feel like pulling your hair out over difficulties with your computer?
Ever wonder why on earth "they" have to change MS Office so much?
What on earth is an operating system, and why should I care?


I know that you want to understand more about the power of your computer and the things it can do for you. I can come to your residence or office and create customized, individual or group training, based on what you want to know.

Please call for details.

I don't talk computer speak or geek talk, I use plain English to provide a coherent package based on your needs!


Give me a call if you'd like to discuss how I can help you keep your hair!

Here is my card!

I wish I would have had some one to call!